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  • The courses offered within the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) degree follow a multidisciplinary approach to business and commerce. 
  • The CSI is a cross disciplinary, limited enrollment program designed to provide students with a useful academic foundation in the subject matter.
  • Criminology is a subfield of Sociology, and is the study of legal and extra-legal sanctions, including their effects on individuals, the police, corrections, the judiciary, the state, and social and governmental reactions to it.

  • Disability Studies (DS) creates the space for rethinking traditional, medical approaches to imagining disability, mental health and related social institutions, using a liberal arts lens to explore the variety of possible, yet uncommonly shared, meanings.
  • Students can work towards a Minor, a Major or a four-year Honours Specialization in Economics, as well as a Major in Finance – a degree unique to King’s.
  • King’s English programs provide the pleasures and challenges of reading closely literary texts of our own time and many other periods and places.
  • An interdisciplinary approach to first-year studies that lets you explore the traditions of Western Civilization from three perspectives, all at the same time: History, Literature, and Philosophy. 
  • If you are looking for an exciting, varied and challenging programme allowing you to combine literature with language, consider a programme in French.
  • The History program at King’s has a long and proud tradition of enabling students to search the past and, in so doing, to find their future. We offer a wide range of stimulating and challenging courses at various levels and themes.
  • The King’s Scholar program for intellectually curious students wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the historical, cultural, and political context of 21st century global dynamics. 
  • Philosophy is the study of reality and our place within it. Through philosophical reflection one can begin to experience oneself and life in a more thoughtful and intensive fashion.
  • With careful planning and a commitment to excellence on the part of students and professors, it is our hope that you will find Political Science courses and programs challenging and rewarding.
  • The Department of Psychology strives to educate students in the theories, methods, evidence base, and practical applications of Psychological Science.
  • Interested in the study of religion? Why wouldn’t you be?  There is no human being alive today whose life has not been profoundly affected by religion – and this is as true of atheists as it is of believers.
  • The School of Social Work provides a learning environment characterized by excellence in social work education directed towards developing and fostering principled and competent professional practitioners.
  • This innovative cross-disciplinary program offers one of  four core courses in social justice and peace in each of the four years leading to a degree. 
  • Sociology teaches students to make connections between individual experiences and broader social processes.
  • King's University College has had an effective Death Education Program since 1976. More than 4,000 students have taken our university courses in Death and Bereavement.
  • Writing courses at King’s encourage students to develop critical thinking and find their own voice whilst polishing their writing skills. 
  • The Academic Dean's Office is responsible for assisting our students with academically-related issues, and providing information that cannot be found in the University Calendar.
  • London Poverty Research Centre | Centre for Jewish, Catholic, Muslim Learning | Centre for Creativity | Centre for Social Concern | Centre for Education about Grief and Bereavement
  • Experience the heart of King’s at the Cardinal Carter Library, where you will find the resources and services you need to succeed, all in our welcoming academic space.