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Social Justice and Peace Studies

Greetings SJPS Students!

With registration for courses for 2016-17 school year starting June 21 for 4th year students, July 4th for third year students and July 12th for second year students, we wanted to point out some new things about your SJPS Program this year.

Social Justice and Peace Studies - Who is the Other? Ethical Responses to the Contemporary Crisis of Migration in Europe

With the destruction of the refugee camp, ‘The Jungle” in Calais, France this past week, and more than 1000+ refugees arriving on the shores of Italy every week, the crisis of forced migrations is one of the most critical justice issues of our time. This course combines a number of seminar courses in the winter term with an experiential travel component to be taught at the Nobel-Prize nominated centre for peace studies, Rondine, outside of Arezzo, Italy.
Tentative dates for travel: May 5-28, 2017

  • King’s International Travel Bursaries + SJPS travel scholarships are available to help fund the cost of this program.
  • This course is available for 1.0 credit.
  • Students should see Lois Mansfield in the Academic Dean’s Office to register before November 14, 2016.

Winter Term, 2017
Instructors: Dr. A. Calcagno & Dr. A. Larkin
Email for more information.

As most of you are aware, the modules have changed substantially, and these changes are reflected on the 2016 Social Justice and Peace Studies Program Checklist.

Second year students starting SJPS modules in September will follow the 2016 SJPS Program Checklist.

Third and fourth year students will generally stay in their modules as they were for 2014 or 2015.  Either is fine, although it is helpful to us, if you let us know which checklist you are following. If you wish to change to the 2016 SJPS Program Checklist, contact Lois is available during DROP IN hours in the Office of the Academic Dean.

If you did not get SJPS 2201Z completed, you will take SJPS 3201Y to replace it. The “Y” designation, tells you that it is a 0.5 credit, non-essay, taken over two terms. Although SJPS 3201Y is a 0.5 credit, it will show on your timetable as if it was a full credit. On the first day of classes in the fall, your instructor will tell you the dates you will be expected to be in attendance in class.  In general, you are likely to spend the fall term preparing for your practicum placement in the community.  You will meet your professor from time to time during the rest of the school year, but most of your course hours will be spent in your community placement.

Second year students, or students entering the SJPS modules in September, will not need to pick up SJPS 3201Y until their third year.

PLEASE NOTE: SJPS 3210G and 3211G were previously Dominican Republic and Tanzania courses.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to meet with Lois Mansfield, Academic Program Assistant, in the Academic Dean’s Office, or email her at

Please feel free to share this with other SJPS students, or potential SJPS students.

This innovative cross-disciplinary program offers one of  four core courses in social justice and peace in each of the four years leading to a degree. These core courses are combined with existing courses drawn from a variety of disciplines such as sociology, politics, economics, history, social work, religious studies, and others. There is a mandatory service component in second year that engages students in local issues of Social Justice and Peace and an optional (experiential learning) component offering a variety of opportunities that may be undertaken at any time after first year. Course credit can be arranged for these experiences.

While this degree can be pursued independently, students are strongly encouraged to combine their degree in Social Justice and Peace with a Major or Minor in social science, arts, or science. The program is designed to make it easy to do this. 

Although the program reflects King's mission as a Catholic College, the program addresses students of all religious and political persuasion in a spirit of open and free dialogue.

We believe that this four year BA program will be attractive to students who:

  • Are interested in expanding their awareness of social justice issues and their understanding of the interlocking nature of poverty, violence, racism, sexism, colonization, disability, religious persecution, environmental degradation and other forms of oppression.
  • Wish to develop critical and analytical skills necessary to live and work responsibly in a globally integrated world. 
  • Want to act as political and social critics and become agents for progressive social transformation. 
  • Wish to participate in volunteer experiences or internships (for course credit) in local or international settings.

The following is a summary of the rationale of the SJPS Program.  A full copy of the rationale is available here

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