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Graduate School Information

If you plan on applying to Graduate School, please see the following handout for general information about the application process: Graduate Application Information Session Information (PDF)

If you plan to apply for OGS or SSHRC, please see the following handout for an overview of the requirements and application process: Graduate School Scholarship Information OGS/SSHRC (PDF)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS):

*Note: application deadlines may differ among universities

  • Students must apply to the graduate program of the university they plan to attend
  • Value: $15,000 for one year (3 consecutive terms)
  • 80% minimum average on last 10.0 courses completed
  • Must be attending Ontario university to receive funds
  • Consult the Scholarship Information Series at Western:
    • Ontario Graduate Scholarships & Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology Info Sessions for Students
      • Dates to be determined

Applications require plans of study/research, as well as reference letters which require time for faculty to prepare.

For more information, please go to:

Contact: Claire Hass, DL107 (