Dr. Thomas Tieku

Dr. Thomas Tieku

Dr. Thomas Tieku

Associate Professor

Office: W251
Phone: 4302
Email: ttieku@uwo.ca


  • PhD  University of Toronto
  • MA  Brock University
  • BA (Hons) University of Ghana, Legon


  • Politics 2225E: Developing Countries in Global Politics
  • Politics 3308F/G: Informal Global Governance
  • Politics 3408F/G: Field School (African or European destination)
  • Politics 3369F/G: International Organization and Law
  • Politics 4421F/G: Negotiating Peace


Negotiation and Mediation; International Organizations; Informal International Relations;  African politics. 

Selected Publications

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  • Tieku, T.K. (2012). United States of America-Africa Relations in the Age of Obama. [Monograph] Ithaca: IAD, Cornell University
  • Tieku, T.K., & Francis, D. (2011). African Union in Search of Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi and Comoros. [Monograph] Addis Ababa: African Union (Translated into French, Arabic, and Kiswahili). 
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