Russell Duvernoy

 Russell Duvernoy

Russell Duvernoy

Assistant Professor


I work primarily at the intersection between process philosophies, critical environmental philosophy, and contemporary Continental philosophy, with additional interests in comparative philosophy, including classical Daoism, Mahayana Buddhist philosophy and world Indigenous philosophies. At present, my research is focused on the question of what it means to live ethically, responsibly, and affirmatively in contexts of crisis, collapse, and transformation. In my first monograph Affect and Attention after Deleuze and Whitehead: Ecological Attunement  (forthcoming with Edinburgh University Press) I explore the way that a process metaphysical conception of subjectivity alters existential orientation towards the experience of affect to argue that our manner, style, and quality of attention has ontological consequences. I am now turning to develop deeper engagement with the social and material aspects of this argument. Here, the question involves understanding the ethical relationship between existential singularity and individual experience and the systemic social, economic, and political structures that condition and limit this experience.


BA – Tufts University (1996)
MA  - Philosophy at the University of New Mexico (2011) 
PhD  - Philosophy at the University of Oregon (2017)


1305: Questions of the Day
2224: Environmental Ethics and Justice
2227: Introduction to Indigenous Philosophies
2244: Global Social Political Ethics
3343: Special Topics in Ethics


Continental Philosophy (esp. 20-21st Century French), Process Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy (esp. Indigenous Philosophies and Eastern philosophies)

Selected Publications

Affect and Attention after Deleuze and Whitehead: Ecological Attunement. Forthcoming in the New Perspectives in Ontology series at Edinburgh University Press, December 2020. 
“Life in Interregnum: Deleuze, Guattari, and Atleo” in Philosophy in the American West: A Geography of Thought, edited by Josh Hayes, Gerard Kuperus, and Brian Treanor. Routledge Press, 2020: 144-59.
“Climate Change and the Everyday: Becoming Present to Precarity.” Forthcoming in Ethics and the Environment, December 2020, Volume 25 (2).
“Reckoning with Jean Wahl’s ‘Poetry as Spiritual Exercise’ in Times of Duress: Translation and Commentary.” Forthcoming in Philosophy Today, Summer 2020, Volume 64 (3).
“Climate X or Climate Jacobin?: A Critical Exchange on our Planetary Future.” Co-Authored with Larry Busk. Forthcoming in Radical Philosophy Review, 2020. (Currently available in online first format: DOI: 10.5840/radphilrev2019103100). 
“A Genesis of Speculative Empiricisms: Whitehead and Deleuze read Hume.” Southern Journal of Philosophy, December 2019, Volume 57 (4): 459-482.
“Deleuze, Whitehead, and the ‘Beautiful Soul.’” Deleuze and Guattari Studies, May 2019, Volume 13 (2): 163-85.
“Philosophical Criteria in Whitehead and Rorty.” Metaphilosophy, October 2017, Volume 48 (4): 762-779.
“‘Pure Experience’ and ‘Planes of Immanence’: From James to Deleuze.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Winter 2016, Volume 30 (4): 427-51.
“‘Concepts’ and Continuity: Onto-Epistemology in William James.” Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, Winter 2015, Volume 51 (4): 508-30.