Dr. Anisha Datta & David Thuss

Public sociology meets agile development

Dr. Anisha Datta is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at King’s University College at Western University. She teaches courses on social theory, neoliberal society, and introductory sociology. 

David Thuss works as an Educational Technologist and the Client Support Supervisor for the ITS department at King’s University College. A political studies graduate of both King’s University College (BA) and Queen’s University (MA), he is now enrolled in the Masters of Education Technology at the University of British Columbia. He is working to establish greater teaching resources at King’s and seeks to assist professors in navigating the unsteady waters of technology in the classroom.  

Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier

High Impact Blended Learning: A Multiple Case Study

Tracy Smith-Carrier is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at King’s University College. For the past few years, Tracy has explored the use of blended learning in her undergraduate and graduate classes. She hopes to share her findings as a means to stimulate discussion on how to advance high impact learning practices.

Dr. Wendy Crocker & Dr. Stephanie Oliver

Do you have your PaSsPorT? Rethinking teaching spaces for student-centred learning

Wendy is a Curriculum and eLearning Specialist with the Teaching Support Centre at Western where she works with faculties and departments to explore questions of curriculum and assessment. Her most recent project is the specially designed active learning space (WALS) that uses technology and collaboration as tools to foster deep approaches to student learning.

Dr. Stephanie Oliver holds a PhD from Western in English.  Currently, she teaches at Huron University College and works with instructors and faculty in her role as a staff member with the Teaching Support Centre.  Stephanie leads workshops and exploratory "Sandbox" sessions in WALS - Western's Active Learning Space on main campus


Moderator: Danielle Van De Ven