“Every day I realize more how precious L’Arche is for us as well as for our societies and our churches and religions. In the richness and mutuality of our relationships together with people who have intellectual disabilities we hold a treasure which God has put into our hands to manage and which I believe is a source of healing for many.”

JEAN VANIER, Letter to My Brothers and Sisters in L’Arche 1996

The JVRC will be governed by a Board of Directors made up of the following persons:

  • JVRC Drirector - Professor Pamela Cushing, PhD (Associate Professor, Disability Studies, Director) King's University College, London, ON
  • Isabelle Aumont, Director of JVA, Trosly Community member 
  • Martha Bala, board member of JVA, former member L'Arche board 
  • Lori Vaanholt, Director of Strategic Development and Innovation, L’Arche Canada
  • Joe Egan, retired, L'Arche International, Canada, Toronto & Daybreak; doing archival work for L'Arche TO, Daybreak & Canada
  • Professor John Heng, (Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Disability Studies, & Thanatology) King's University College, London, ON
  • Professor Allyson Larkin, PhD (Associate Professor, Social Justice & Peace Studies) King's University College, London, ON
  • Professor Tom Reynolds, PhD  (Theology, Vice-Principal) Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • Valerie Michaelson, PhD (Psychology, Dept. of Public Health Sciences, School of Religion) Queen’s University, Kingston, ON
  • Rachel Reparon, Senior in Disability Studies and Religion

 Advisors who have supported this project in significant ways:

  • Professor John Swinton, Aberdeen University, Scotland
  • Professor Emeritus John Sumarah, Acadia University, Canada
  • John Rietschlin and Louis Pilotte, National Leader, L’Arche Canada
  • Curt Armstrong and Nathan Ball: L'Arche Foundations
  • Rev. Michael Béchard, Director of the Office of Campus Ministry, King’s University College
  • Professor Anne Kinsella, Western University, Canada
  • Professor Emeritus David Ford, Cambridge University, England

For questions or more information about the Jean Vanier Research Centre, please email jvrc@kings.uwo.ca