Wendy Ellis - Children’s peer group interactions: Implications for social, psychological and academic adjustment.
2008-2012, SSHRC

Total Amount: $142,084
Co-Investigators: Lynne Zarbatany, Xinyin Chen

This project examines the scope and processes through which peer groups influence children’s social, psychological and behavioural adjustment. We have collected self-report and observational information on over 1000 children (grades 4-8) in the London area. We will attempt to document the specific processes through which characteristics of groups (e.g., aggression, status, shyness) predict changes in children’s behavior (e.g., deviancy, bullying) and well-being (e.g., depression, self-esteem). Ultimately, my research goals serve to benefit the larger community by understanding strategies for promoting positive and healthy relationships among children. 

Krista Lysack - "Daily Devotions: Victorian Devotional Books and Their Readers" 
2010-2012 SSHRC

Total Amount: $14,867

This book project examines devotional print and reading in nineteenth-century Britain, beginning with the publication of Keble’s The Christian Year in 1827.  Expanding an understanding of devotion beyond its usual generic parameters, it examines an array of devotional print objects: from poetry premised on the liturgical year, to family prayer books, to inspirational daily reading guides. Such objects formed, and were formed by, a variety of new reading practices (incremental, itinerant, interval reading) and affects (boredom, detachment, distraction). Together, these forms of devotion—objects, practices, affects—suggest the degree to which religious observance for the Victorians was not merely a matter of consolation or escape. Rather, devotion was a form of timekeeping that often shaped readers according to the operations of industrial time and the “sick hurry” and “divided aims” of modernity, even as it revealed unexpected calibrations between the ‘eternal’ and the everyday.