*Important Note* This is a tutorial on how to download and configure Microsoft Remote Desktop, an alternative to Remote Desktop Connection.

  1. From the Dock/Taskbar, Click on the App Store icon


  1. Go to your Dock/Taskbar and click on the Launchpad Icon (Icon looks like a spaceship).


  1. Once you have opened Launchpad, click on the App Store icon to launch the program


  1. In the Search bar located at the top right of the App Store, type in RDP and press enter
  2. Locate and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client by clicking GET, and then INSTALL APP

(image:AppStore RDP)

  1. Once you have installed the Microsoft Remote Desktop client, go to your Dock/Taskbar and click on the Launchpad Icon (Icon looks like a spaceship).


  1. Locate Microsoft Desktop Connect icon and double click to launch the program.

(image:Microsoft RDP icon)

  1. Once the Microsoft Desktop Connection application has been launched, you will want to add your UWO information. You can do this by clicking on New “+” button.

(image:RDP New)


  1. Click on the General tab
  2. Under Connection name, type:  Scotty. Under PC name, type: scotty.kc.uwo.ca
  3. Leave the Gateway tab as is, do not change anything. 
  4. Under User name, type: Your UWO email address (username@uwo.ca). Under Password, type: Your UWO password
  5. Leave everything in this section as is, change settings at your own discretion
  6. Once you have completed filling in all your information, Exit this window.

(image:RDP Settings)

  1. To start the Remote Desktop Session, under My Desktops, double click on the new connection which you have just added named  Scotty

(image:RDP MyDesktop)

  1.  Click Continue when the Verification Certificate pops up

(image:View Certificate)

Congratulations, you have successfully connected to Scotty.kc.uwo.ca


If you experience any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact King’s ITS by submitting a ticket: