Microsoft Campus Agreement

King’s University College Information Technology Services has signed a campus agreement with Microsoft to offer Office and operating system software on campus. This agreement is funded by ITS and provides Microsoft software for all College owned PCs, including faculty/staff PCs, research labs and student labs. 

College owned equipment is defined as computers purchased through the finance systems of the participating organizations and owned by them. Examples include:

  • computers purchased directly by King's ITS
  • computers purchased under the Professional Expense Reimbursement or PDF at King's
  • computers purchased with Research funds and inventoried by King's ITS

Microsoft Campus Agreement software cannot be installed on personally owned computers even if they are used for work purposes. If you need assistance in determining if a computer is eligible, please check with King's ITS.

Microsoft Office for Home or Personal Use (Students, Faculty and Staff)

Office 365 ProPlus is available at no cost to students, faculty and staff associated with King's University College for their term of studies or employment. To get started, refer to home use options.