The Minor in Canadian Studies builds on the Canadian Studies: First Nations to Many Nations seminar by networking scholars and courses at King’s that focus on Canada.  Graduates of the Canadian Studies Minor gain insights into the country’s achievements, challenges, and potential, which will support future careers in politics, law, business, communications, and the culture industries.  The Minor exposes students to a variety of disciplines, which will also help undeclared students to choose a Major. 

In addition to its public lecture series, the Canadian Studies program combines scholarship with extra-curricular fun by hosting events such as the King’s Covers Canada music contest in which students perform covers of the Canadian songbook and compete for prizes awarded by the general audience. 

King’s projects a minimum 78% final entrance average for Ontario high schools students. Averages are calculated on the top six 4U or 4M credits including English 4U.

College transfer students are required to have a minimum 2.7 GPA on an acceptable one-year certificate (General Arts and Sciences, Pre-Health Science, Human Services Foundation) or completed diploma. College transfer students may earn a maximum of five transfer credit. Individual courses must have a minimum achievement of 60% to be considered for transfer credit.

King’s projects a minimum 65% for admission for students transferring from another Canadian University. A maximum of ten transfer credit may be granted. Individual courses must have a minimum achievement of 60% to be considered for transfer credit.

The program’s introductory seminar, Canadian Studies 2200: First Nations to Many Nations, places students in direct contact with scholars, policymakers, and experts in the private sector through guest lectures and special events.   CAN 2200 provides international students with a unique introduction to their host country and teaches Canadian students to research and examine critically Canada’s position in global affairs.  Guest speakers have included art curator Verne Harrison, Toronto poet laureate Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, health care expert Mary Jo Cartwright, immunobiologist Quim Madrenas, and London Deputy Police Chief Brent Shea.

A more advanced seminar, Canadian Studies 3300E - The Construction of Canada as a Community of Communities, concentrates on the major political, historical, sociological and literary debates regarding the formation and maintenance of a multicultural and bilingual community. What features denote Canada as a community or communities? Themes will vary depending on instructor.

  • Law
  • Government and Public Service
  • Broadcasting and journalism
  • Intelligence
  • Public Relations
  • Consulting NGO advocacy
  • International organizations
  • Business
  • Academics .

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