A request for reconsideration is a request for exemption from a Senate regulation or the ruling of an Admissions Committee regarding admission or readmission. The grounds for reconsideration may include medical, compassionate, or extenuating circumstances. Requests must be based on significant new information, judged to be relevant by the Admissions Committee. Each step of the reconsideration process should be initiated by the applicant as soon as possible. The reconsideration process does not provide for in-person or legal representation. The onus is on the applicant to initiate, prepare and submit all relevant substantive written material pertinent to a request for reconsideration.

Please answer the following questions. You should retain a copy of this form for your records. Once the form has been submitted a print option button will be available.

Will you be submitting additional documentation in support of your reconsideration ie: Doctor's Note, Counsellor's Note, etc.?

Please Note: If you have cited circumstances in Section 1 of this form such as a disability, personal illness, family illness etc. documentation MUST be submitted to substantiate your explanation.

Please submit any supporting documentation to:
Registrar's Office
King's University College
266 Epworth Avenue
London, ON, N6A 2M3
By clicking on this box, I hereby certify that all responses on this form are factual and were prepared entirely by me, and that all documents submitted in support of my request are original or certified copies of originals. Written information that is not original, or information that is falsified, may result in the cancellation of my application, admission or registration status at the University at any time.

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