King’s offers free weekly workshops on a drop in basis.  Presentations are being held Tuesdays  from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. in the Student Life Centre, Room 119.

Certificate of Student Engagement

Earning this certificate demonstrates the effort you have put into your growth as an effective and successful student.  All students can earn the Certificate of Academic Engagement (or the Advanced Certificate) after they have attended the required number of sessions (4 and 6 respectively), which can then be added to your transcript as part of the My King's Experience - Western's Co-curricular Records.

Topic Descriptions

Class Prep

Want to get a head start on your classes?  This workshop will discuss how and why you should get prepared for class before going to lecture, provide tips for reading textbooks effectively, and suggest how to make the most of taking notes before, during, and after class.

Finding Time for Everything

Feel like university is a whirlwind of activity?  Are you struggling to keep up with schoolwork and still enjoy everything else going on campus?  This workshop will discuss the importance of school/life balance on student success and mental well-being, as well as suggest ways to create realistic schedules, prioritize tasks, and beat procrastination.

Making Learning Easy

Ready-set-learn?!?  University requires a different kind of learning than you have probably experienced in high school.  This workshop discusses four freshman tips for developing learning skills that will serve you well throughout your university career, and provides ideas about where to look for more help in order to become a great student.

Creating Effective Study Groups:  Do you enjoy getting together with your friends to study, but don't always feel you're getting much accomplished?  This workshop will suggest guidelines and tips for creating, using, and maintaining effective study groups that facilitate learning and academic success.

Essay Exams:  Do you want to improve your writing under pressure?  This workshop will suggest ways you can break down your questions, organize your ideas, and write more effective long answers in your exams.

Time Management: Can't find the time to get everything done?  Learn how to develop a schedule that allows you to balance the demands of school and make better decisions about how you spend your time.  It is important to understand yourself and how to optimize your schedule in order to reduce stress throughout the semester.

Memory Strategies: Are you looking at your notes and wondering how you will remember it all?  In this workshop, you will learn about strategies to boost your memory using visualization techniques, mnemonic devices, and active learning techniques.

Multiple Choice Tests: Do you find taking multiple choice exams challenging?  This workshop will discuss various types of questions you may encounter and will help you develop strategies to perform more confidently.

Presentation Strategies: Does the thought of presenting in front of the class make your palms sweat?  This workshop will help you prepare a clear and effective presentation, manage your nervousness, and provide strategies for successfully delivering your content.

Studying for Exams:  Worried about how to study for exams and how to actually write them?  This workshop will include tips for preparing for exams, creating a study schedule, managing stress, as well as tips on how to tackle multiple choice, short and essay-type questions on an exam.

Note-Taking From Lectures/Textbooks:  Are your lecture notes as helpful as they could be?  Do you highlight everything as you read your textbook?  This workshop will help you to take more effective notes from lectures and readings, and make better use of them afterwards.

Upping Your Game - Advanced Learning Skills: Are you a good student that wants to be an even better student?  This workshop provides examples of advanced learning techniques to take your learning to the next level.  Go from learning content to making critical connections between concepts and classes.