To provide OSAP students with the means to volunteer during the summer as a way of contributing to their community while gaining additional work experience in different fields.  Students would receive recognition in the form of a bursary to assist with their financial obligation to King's for their subsequent academic year.  Funds are limited to qualified students on a first come first serve basis.  Applications may be submitted as early as March 1, but no later than May 15, provided funds are still available.  This program will close once maximum funding has been assigned for the coming academic year.


  1. Allows the student a greater flexibility in work hours and location.
  2. Gives the student a greater connection to King’s University College.
  3. Allows for the building of a resume.
  4. Promotes and rewards community involvement, which connects with the Social Justice issues that are important to King’s University College.
  5. Gives the student a sense of self-worth by working towards a bursary rather than receiving a monetary gift.


  1. Must be pre-approved for this program.
  2. Hours must be submitted to the King’s University College Financial Services Office on or before the first day of class in September, in the year you are granted the award.
  3. Student may not use a charitable organization that is used for an Academic Experience as part of the Voluntary Bursary Program. Religious organizations are excluded and summer camps whereby students receive room and board.

Charitable organization:

  1. Must be a registered organization.
  2. Supervisor of the organization must be willing to supervise and submit the total hours worked by the student on official letterhead.
  3. The charitable organization must be within the province of Ontario.


Must be a King’s University College OSAP student who:

  1. Received OSAP as a full-time student for the previous academic year;
  2. Is returning to King’s University College full time for the next academic year;
  3. Is applying, and anticipates will be eligible for full-time OSAP in the next academic year;
  4. Must maintain a minimum of a C average;
  5. Has been pre-approved for the program; and
  6. Must have applied to the program by May 15 in the year the bursary is requested provided that there are still funds available.

Funds are limited and disbursed on a first come, first serve basis.

Hour Equivalencies:
100-149 volunteer hours equals a $1,000.00 bursary
150-199 volunteer hours equals a $1,500.00 bursary
200 and over volunteer hours equals a $2,000 bursary

All earned monies will be credited to the student account and applied to the next academic year's tuition and activity fees. The value of the bursary cannot exceed tuition and activity fees for that academic year.

How to Apply - Click here to apply:

Provide a cover letter to the Student Financial Services Officer including the following information:

  1. Completed application
  2. Signed Privacy of Information
  3. A letter requesting consideration that includes the name and address of the charitable organization where you propose to volunteer and the supervisor's name and contact information including phone, fax, and email at the organization.
  4. If possible, a flyer outlining the work done by the charity
  5. Ensure that you meet the criteria outlined to qualify for this program.

Students must have a letter of acceptance in the program, from the Student Financial Services Office before any volunteer hours can be earned towards this bursary.  Students will be notified in writing as to whether or not they have been accepted.