Our Research and Evidence

Based on feedback from students, alumni, community members and employers we learned that:

  • 88% of King’s students, who responded to our survey, reported securing  employment was a primary motivator for attending university (Brainstorm Consulting, 2018)
  • 51% of students responding to our survey said finding that first job would be difficult (Brainstorm Consulting, 2018)
  • Students expressed difficulty communicating their experience to potential employers
  • Employers did not fully understand the competencies associated with students educational experience related to employment they were offering to graduates

Our Theoretical Framework

Based on the work of theoretical frameworks of Astin (1985) Tinto (1993) and Kuh (2003) students who are motivated and actively supported to engage in purpose-built academic and non-academic programming will persist in their studies. They will graduate with the experience, talent and competencies that they can take to potential employers and change our community.

Our Core Beliefs

We have designed The King’s Promise based on theory, research and evidence as such:

  • We believe that this program will enhance the student experience starting from first year though to graduation.
  • We believe this program will ease the student transition from university to meaningful employment as graduates will have a better understanding of their experience and talents.
  • We believe employers, through our active engagement, will come to value the experience and competencies of King’s graduate talent.
  • We believe that as a Catholic University we have the moral responsibility to help help students achieve the dignity of work, where graduates can use their gifts and talents to make change and be personally fulfilled.