Program Requirements

  • Students who register in the first year of The King’s Promise Program (during the academic year – between Sept-April) must complete the first year by July 31st (prior to the next academic year).
  • Students entering into the second, third and fourth years of The King’s Promise Program will do so (after successfully completing the previous year) at the beginning of September.
  • Students who are registered in the fourth year will remain in until they have completed their degree’s requirements.
  • Within each year, students are required to participate in opportunities that have been identified by The King’s Promise Program. 
  • Students must complete all academic/degree and The King’s Promise Program requirements within five years from the time of initial registration in The King’s Promise Program, regardless of whether the student changes programs/faculties.
  • General exceptions to completing The King’s Promise Program requirements in the required timeframe:
    • Students with disabilities or on medical leave
    • When required academic courses are not offered at all by King’s or Western.
    • Any other exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis and must be made in writing to The King’s Promise Program Coordinator/Advisor.
  • Students must earn a minimum 75% Program Grade Point Average (GPA) by graduation in order to be eligible for the tuition waiver.
  • Students must successfully complete a portfolio. This portfolio must be submitted and approved by The King’s Promise Advisor. Note: Completion of final semester includes: end of the student's last final exam, final assignment
  • Students are responsible for securing their own employment upon completion of their academic program. Employment is defined as being fully employed (either in a permanent, part time, term, contract, or casual position) in a career related opportunity, including self-employment.
  • Students will be expected to keep a meaningful employment search log for the six months after they have completed their undergraduate degree and report any offers to their King’s Advisor. The number of applications (per month) that the student needs to submit will be determined with The King’s Promise Advisor prior to graduation.
  • International students must legally be able to work within Canada. International students are responsible for obtaining their own visas that will allow them to work and/or study within Canada.

Any student attending the King’s on a fully funded scholarship provided by their government or another sponsoring agency, having completed all The King’s Promise program requirements, can qualify for the King’s Promise Waiver, provided they have the support of their sponsoring agency or government to return King’s to receive the said waiver.