Program Administration

  • The King’s Promise Program will be administered by Student Affairs in collaboration with all departments at King’s and partners at Western.  King’s Promise Advisors as designated by King’s will meet with students and assist them in successfully completing program requirements.
  • The King’s Promise Program reserves the right to make discretionary decisions concerning program administration and student eligibility, and to change, revise, edit and/or update The King’s Promise Program policy and procedures without notice.
  • King’s University College has the right to discontinue The King’s Promise Program at its discretion. If the program is discontinued, any student already enrolled will be permitted to finish the program requirements and remain eligible for the tuition waiver.

Program Eligibility

  • The King’s Promise Program is open to all eligible undergraduate students who are pursuing a four-year degree at minimum. Three-year degrees are not eligible. The degree granting institution must be the Western University under the terms of the affiliation with Western. Only students registered at King’s can participate.
  • Eligible students include newly admitted or current King’s students and transfer students with 5 or fewer credits earned.
  • Students in joint programs, off-campus programs, and programs offered through other institutions are eligible for the program if they meet all of the eligibility requirements. The King’s Promise Program office together with our educational partners will ensure that every effort will be made to offer this program to these students and will use various communication methods to aid the process.
  • Students who have already received an undergraduate or graduate degree from any institution are ineligible to receive the tuition waiver.
  • Enrolment is continuous, however it is preferred during the fall and winter semesters to allow students to participate in as many activities as possible since the spring/summer semester has fewer options.
  • Students that have been admitted to the King’s Promise Program and choose to participate in study opportunities (up to 1 year) at other institutions through an approved Letter of Permission will retain their eligibility in the Program. Students will meet and maintain contact with a The King’s Promise Advisor to assess credit of activities done towards The King’s Promise Program requirements while they are away.
  • Students with less than five credits who start The King’s Promise Program in their second academic year must meet with a The King’s Promise Advisor to assess prior credit toward program requirements.
  • Students who have been required to Withdraw (RTW) from academic program are still eligible to participate in The King’s Promise Program but must continue to meet all The King’s Promise Program eligibility requirements.

A student that has voluntarily dropped from The King’s Promise Program will have their completed requirements re-assessed in the level they dropped from, if they decide that they want to return later. The student will be allowed back as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements.