**Please note that stories my have been edited down for space

I had Sam as a professor for the first time this past summer. He is very understanding, yet fair and wants you to truly succeed. He is willing to spend the time with his students to ensure they understand what is being taught. I am very grateful I have had the chance to have Sam as a professor for multiple different courses, and he has made my online learning experience a much smoother and easier transition!  

Thanks so much, Sam!  All the effort you put into your CSI courses, does not go unnoticed!  

Jennifer Malcolmson,
year four, with an Honours Specialization in Childhood and Social Institutions and a Major in Criminology.

A person that has shown me kindness throughout my third year of university is Lucas Roe. Lucas is the 3rd year representative on SWSA and has made an effort to get to know all students in the program. He also takes the time to listen to student concerns and is putting lots of effort into allowing 3rd years the opportunity to get to know one another through planned events. Lucas has shown me kindness by reaching out to me when I was feeling overwhelmed during one of my classes it felt really good to know that one of my fellow classmates was looking out for me and was in tune with my emotions.  

Megan Boon,
year three, Bachelor of Social Work. 

Dr. Arnold is a wonderful professor who encourages us to explore not only the theory of thanatology issues, but challenges us to apply it and change the world around us. Lately, I have been using Dr. Arnold's office hours and I appreciate how she takes her time to make sure I understand the topic I am struggling with. She also begins every class and meeting she asks if I am overwhelmed, how I am feeling, am I taking care of myself. She lets her students know how she wants to work with us, so school does not become this monster we need to tame but an educational experience to enjoy.  

She also is a professor who will support and help her students change the world! She has encouraged me and fellow students to share our presentations with a wider audience, and has given us every support possible to accomplish our goal. 

We absolutely adore you Dr. Carrie Arnold and appreciate the time and energy you put into your students! 

Charlotte Toyne,
year four, Thanatology. 

Dr. Sarkany teaches with passion and always creates a unique dynamic that makes the classroom atmosphere outstanding. He really cares about his students and ensures that we are engaging with classroom materials. Dr. Sarkany is accessible and flexible in his teaching, this has been evident as he has made the transition to zoom university flawless.  

  I have had the privilege of taking numerous courses with Dr. Sarkany. I am eternally grateful for this as he has helped shape my academic career during my undergrad and into the future. I initially had Dr. Sarkany in second year for International Relations, a class that would change the projection of my academic career. Going into that class I was an average student with slightly above average grades. I told Dr. Sarkany that I planned on Law School after my undergraduate, but that I was afraid I wasn't good enough. Dr. Sarkany immediately gave me a road map on how to succeed at the undergraduate level and was a key resource. He would give me a plethora of feedback about my writing style and helped elevate my writing ability. He was always super accessible and would always be willing to explain course material more in depth where needed.  

  Dr. Sarkany has office hours, but this is not the only place where he is reachable. Dr. Sarkany always created time to email and conference call (before zoom was cool). Dr. Sarkany more than likely holds the record for having the fastest email response times ever and always knows exactly how to respond. Dr. Sarkany would always let us know about academic support systems around campus and on King's. 

  I love King's and I'm always proud to say that #IGOTOKINGS 

With professors like Dr. Sarkany, King's is a Place to Be, A Place to Become.  

"Sam" Hussein Chams,
year four, Honours Specialization Political Science. 

I am writing about Professor Joseph Turnbull for hands down being the best Professor I've personally had. He helped me with a lot of things. He is super approachable and genuinely wants his students to do well. He is always there to support and help his students through everything regardless of it being school related or not. Also, Professor Grigori Erenberg, had a positive influence on me. He helped me decide on my future path when I was debating between two degrees. He explained everything to me in details and helped me come to a conclusion with what I wanted. He is also super approachable and is willing to help explain and break down everything in detail for his students. I’m glad we have such great knowledgeable people in the King’s community that are willing to help their students throughout their undergrad. 

It’s an honour to have had them both as professors and I greatly appreciate both of them for being so helpful to me. 

Nour Hussein  

Every now and then these little treats are sent in an intercampus envelope to my attention. The sender is aware of my love for turtles and how they bring me happiness no matter what has happened during my workday. 'Sweet' gestures like this show people that you care. They give people on the receiving end a smile and make them feel valued.

Angela Brodt,
King’s Employee

Tiffany Chisholm goes above and beyond every day in her role as Staff Association president. Her term was to end in April, but she has graciously stayed on during the pandemic to lead and support the staff association members at King’s. She gives us bad news eloquently under thoughts of rainbows and unicorns and good news with her overflowing friendly personality. Tiffany is great example of community spirit at King’s! 

Denise Cooke,
King’s Employee and Alumna

When I was in residence in first year, we did a secret Santa. Whoever had my name didn’t end up doing anything for me. One of the RAs - I don’t think I ever knew which one - somehow realized I wasn’t getting any notes or treats, so she, my mystery Santa, snuck the coolest Taco Bell dog into my room for the best secret Santa surprise ever! I still pull him out every year. It was very thoughtful of this person to make sure I was included and I knew it came out of her own money, which is very generous, especially for students.  

Jennifer Jones,
King’s Employee and Alumna