Viday Natarajan

Dr. Vidya Natarajan

Dr. Natarajan worked in the publishing industry in India, and since moving to Canada in 2002, has taught Writing, English, and Creative Writing. She has written fiction and scripts for graphic novels.

Aaron Keeler

Prof. Aaron Keeler

Prof. Keeler has been helping students develop their writing skills for almost 15 years.  He teaches Writing courses and helps supervise The Write Place’s daily operations.

“Critical thought grows out of curiosity.  I want to create a space where students can explore their own ideas, and analyze new ones. As they learn the principles of clear, persuasive writing, they discover their own power to put them into practice, which builds a confidence that will serve them far beyond their academic careers.  I love being part of that process.”

Aleks Franiczek

Aleks Franiczek

“It has been incredibly rewarding to see students return numerous times and witness them become more clear and confident academic writers.”

Nathan Vaughan

Nathan Vaughan

“I love the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at TWP, and I find helping fellow students to be meaningful work; I always feel like I am doing something useful at TWP.”

Dr. Chinelo Ezenwa

Dr. Chinelo Ezenwa teaches Writing, Literature, and Communication courses. Her research interests are in black and diasporic writing, feminist studies, postcolonial literatures, and contemporary novels/films based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Her PhD research at Western, which she titled Bible Translations and Literary Responses, examines the long-term cultural implications for African Christians of following a flawed translation of the Bible.

Do you see yourself working at The Write Place? Apply to be a peer tutor!

We’re always looking for new members of the Write Place team.  If you are a King’s student in Year 2, 3 or 4 who a) is eligible for Work/Study, First in Family, or International Work Experience funding; b) has a cumulative average of at least 70%; c) has strong writing skills; and d) enjoys working with fellow students, email  your application, a writing sample, and the names of two referees to If you want to volunteer, email us for more information!