Keynote Speaker: Eileen Wood
"Challenging Choices: Making Peace with Pedagogy in the Classroom"

Eileen Wood. PhD, Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Pedagogical choices are the cornerstone of the classroom. Although many instructors typically think about pedagogy as a means toward outcomes, pedagogies play a much larger role. They define the immediate learning and teaching space, social climate, goals, and instructional philosophies as well as the long term potential for growth for both teachers and learners. The process of selecting a pedagogical approach for a class can be challenging. There are many choices and many variables to consider. Instructors often voice concerns related toward outcomes such as class size, level, course content and what will “work” given time constraints. Introducing the concept of “interrupted pedagogies” further challenges instructors to consider the immediate and longitudinal impact of their choices in terms of constructing and sharing knowledge in the context of   broader social and developmental implications. Identifying these key considerations provides a more complete understanding of the choices and challenges inherent in course design and management. More importantly, the concepts inherent in “interrupted pedagogies” challenge us to acknowledge and explore a more comprehensive understanding of pedagogy for both teaching and learning.