The Development & Peace Group gathers people together to explore issues of justice from a Catholic perspective, focusing on the sanctity of life at all stages. We work to support Development & Peace initiatives in the Global South through education, advocacy, volunteer activities and fundraising. 

This year, activities will include:

  • facilitating a social justice workshop for high school students 
  • exploring how we care for the earth through reflection on the encyclical “Care for Our Common Home" the video series Cultivating and Caring for Creation
  • participating in an Interfaith Tree Planting experience
  • 10 000 Villages fair trade products sale in November 
  • Kairos Blanket Exercise - an experiential workshop that tells the true story of the history of Canada
  • Watch “the Pass System”, a movie that draws attention to racial segregation in Canada

For more information, please contact Annette Donovan Panchaud at or call 519-433-3491 ex 4423.