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The London Interfaith Peace Camp (LIPC), is a collaborative community project that encourages understanding and cooperation among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith groups. Rooted in the shared values of these Abrahamic traditions, the LIPC is a week-long day camp offered to students in grades 1 through 8. Through this day camp experience, the campers and the staff build friendships and understanding with peers from other local Abrahamic faith traditions. The informal social setting of a camp, combined with intentional presentations about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, teach enduring lessons about building peace across all three Abrahamic faith traditions

This unique project encourages positive interfaith dialogues to promote peace and solidarity between and among communities. Central to the camp are visits to local synagogues, mosques and churches to enhance learning in authentic settings. The central camp program and site visits combine to engage participants in projects such as: large and small group work, cultural art, theater and music, healthy food and recreational activities, service learning projects, and an evening family potluck featuring food from each camper’s cultural heritage. The interaction has encouraged groups that normally do not relate to each other in an interfaith context to forge friendships and shared peace building.

London Interfaith Peace Camp takes place at King’s University College in the summer 2018.

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Michael Bechard (Rev) 
Director of Campus Ministry / Christ the King University Parish 
King's University College 
266 Epworth Avenue 
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