Welcome . Accessibility in Service.

Welcome to Accessibility in Service. This online learning session is for staff and academic and administrative leaders at King's University College.

There are 3 steps involved in completing this session:

  1. Review the material in this learning module
  2. Complete the quiz
  3. Print your certificate and send a copy to Human Resources, King's University College

For quick reference, consider printing the take-away brochure, "Accessibility in Service" found in the “Recommended Resources” folder found on the course homepage.

Note: You need to score 12/15 (80%) or higher on the quiz to successfully complete this program and receive a certificate. Your successful completion will be recorded in Human Resources records, once your certificate is received.

Please allocate approximately 45 minutes to complete this learning session.

Navigation Instructions:

To move forward or backward in the program, click on the arrows on the upper right of each page. They look like this:

This program is fully accessible with or without sound. If you would like to have the content read to you on any other page of the module, click the "Play"? button at the top of each page.

Let’s get started!