“The King’s University College Alumni Association’s Guiding Principles (or The King’s Way) are the values fostered and promoted by the Association as intrinsic to all King’s graduates. It is my hope that King’s alumni will strive to be living examples of The King’s Way, and I am so proud to be a member of the Alumni Association Board that identified these crucial elements of what it means to be a King’s alumnus.” – Natalie Mak ’10, Alumni Association Board President

The King’s Way 
King’s University College Alumni Association Guiding Principles

Nurturing communities  
We will continue to build life-long relationships with members of the King’s community and strive to be strong contributors in our respective communities. 

Upholding traditions
We will be mindful of the integration of faith and reason in the Catholic intellectual tradition as we look for truth in all things, respect the dignity of the human person and strive for the integration of knowledge

Accepting diversity
 We will respect diversity of culture, religion, race, gender and orientation, seeking the commonalities that bind us and accepting the differences that make us unique

Seeking Justice
We will always be mindful of our morals and values, and will act as advocates for the marginalized and mistreated whenever possible. 

Fostering lifelong learning
We will continue to live in the pursuit of knowledge and encourage others to find opportunities to learn and grow. 

Promoting institutional pride 
We will uphold a sense of pride for our Alma Mater, and spread the good word about our experiences at King’s with members of our communities. 

Leaving a legacy
We will pay forward the good fortune of our experiences at King’s through support, friendship and mentorship and encourage others to do the same.