Heading to university can feel like finding your second home. For the Circelli family, going to King’s has become something of a family tradition. Over a span of thirty years King’s has been the university of choice for more than eight members of the Circelli family.

Anthony Circelli, BA ’04 (History), is one of the most recent Circelli graduates. Anthony studied History at King’s and went on to earn a law degree from the University of Leicester, in England. Anthony now lives in London, Ontario, with his wife Nicole Eydt, BA ‘04, a fellow King’s graduate. 

In speaking with Anthony about the Circelli’s connection to the University, he says that while growing up he recognized that for many of his family members, the path to a post secondary institution lead to King’s. Anthony said he chose King’s for many reasons. “It just seemed
like a good fit for me. It was small, it was comfortable and I had the ability to talk to my professors. The little things make a big difference.”

Luigi Circelli, Anthony’s father, and Salvadore Circelli, Anthony’s uncle, were the first in the family to enrol at King’s. Salvadore graduated in 1979, while Luigi attended King’s for a few years and then went on to law school. Luigi’s involvement at King’s didn’t end with his studies
however, he returned years later to serve on the King’s University College Foundation Board.

“My father always told me that, basically, this (King’s) is where you started, and it’s always nice to give back,” Anthony says.

While at King’s, Anthony shared the campus with his sister Nadia Circelli, BA ’01 (Administrative and Commercial Studies), and their cousin Jonathan Circelli, BA ’05. Despite graduating from different areas of study and in different years, the Circelli family occasionally found
themselves crossing paths academically.

“My sister attended Kings for the same reason as I did; it’s a small school but had all the benefits of a large school. Nadia and I had a couple of classes together,” Anthony says. “It felt a bit strange since we had separate high school experiences, as well as a different group of
friends, and then suddenly we end up sitting beside each other in class.”

Asked if there was any sibling rivalry in class, Anthony responds, “Not really but those were the best grades I ever got.”

While the family connection with King’s is very strong, Anthony made other strong relationships as a student. Despite being from London, Anthony chose to live in residence where he met friends he still maintains contact with today. He also had classes with his future wife, Nicole, whom he met while working at InPrint, located in Western’s University Community Centre (UCC). Nicole transferred from Western to King’s to enrol in the social work program.

“King’s was a huge part of my life, and a huge part of my personal development,” Anthony reflects.

“I would like to think our children will be King’s graduates and I will certainly encourage that,” he says “but as long as they are happy and get a Degree, that would be okay!