Pictured from left: Marilyn Mason, Skylar Franke '13, Erin Gamble '12, Erin Lawson, natalie Mak '10, Mary O'Connor '10, Paul Wilton '07, Brandon Csendes '10, Daniel Vervaecke '12

By Erin Lawson

When David Sylvester and I travel around the country, meeting with alumni and renewing King’s connections, we are often asked, “what can I do for King’s?” The most important answer is to speak well of King’s.

We hope that the common experience of our graduates, after the initial glow of pride and accomplishment when they cross the stage at Alumni Hall, will be an understanding and appreciation of the unique value of a King’s education. May the lessons learned here lead to a full, rich and rewarding life.

We hear it in the stories our alumni tell us of the paths they took after King’s. They speak of lifelong learning, critical thinking, and the ability to write and read and positively engage in local and global communities. I appreciate that many of our recent graduates will need some time to find this path, but take heart that these skills will take you far beyond the economic fluxes and changing employment market of the time.

It matters to King’s that you proudly include King’s University College at Western University on your CV’s and in descriptions of your skills and educational progress. We often hear how well our recent graduates are treated by alumni as they seek employment. Thank you for considering King’s applicants and offering your help as mentors.

The most tangible sign we have that our alumni speak well of King’s is the influx of students who are arriving here because King’s alumni encouraged them to look at King’s before making a decision about postsecondary education. We love to welcome second and even third generation King’s students to Epworth Ave. It is also nieces, nephews and neighbours who are finding their way to King’s because they have heard about its uniqueness from someone who has experienced a King’s education. Most importantly, our alumni and friends are sending us incredible young women and men who will grow and thrive at King’s.

I am pictured with some of the amazing team in our Registrar’s office. The welcome they give to high school students who are considering King’s and the guidance and support they provide throughout the process of choosing King’s is very much the personal and friendly attention our alumni remember. Let the Alumni Office know when you will be on campus showing King’s to a potential student so that we too can welcome them and bring out the red carpet.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Homecoming and for the official opening of the Darryl J. King Student Life Centre on September 28. You have made the King Centre a reality and we are looking forward to thanking you for choosing, supporting and speaking well of King’s.