To King's with Love

By: Alphia Alcee, first year student

Alphia Alcee, first year student

My heartfelt gratitude and immense love go out to King's University College for the opportunity to embark on my higher education journey and the generosity with which you have catered to my needs. As a student with a disability, I am both humbled and thrilled to be a King's University College student. It might be difficult for some to understand my profound sentiments. Prior to the stroke which left half of my body paralyzed, I had a huge appetite for life. When my physician declared that I would never walk again and gave up on me, I felt broken. It was during that time I saw the King's University College sign and something inside of me yearned to be there. The fighter in me emerged.

Being accepted into King's University College was like being given a second chance at life. King's University College validated me and declared, “We believe in you!” I felt a sense of belonging. I felt whole again. It's as if King's took me by the hand and provided the parchment on which I would write my story.

Just as a strong heartbeat is synonymous with life; so, too, is King's University College. To me, King's represents the strong heartbeat of living life to the fullest; accepting each challenge, and persevering until the goal is reached. Knowing that I am supported, and I am not alone, has had such a huge impact on my life.

My wish for everyone who passes through King's University College's doors is that they feel the passion and compassion I feel, and each person will excel to great excellence. Between every line of pain and glory, King's will be there. I certainly cannot thank you enough, but you will always have my heartfelt gratitude and love - thank you for a second chance at life! By the grace of God, I will make you proud. I love you, King's University College!