Diane Galbraith

Diane Galbraith

Diane Galbraith

King's Degrees: BSW '13, MSW '16

Current Position: Social Worker, Galbraith Counselling & Therapy, Thames Valley Family Health Team & Pursuit Health Management

How did King’s help you get connected?

For me, the biggest connection that I’ve maintained is from the cohort of people that I went through the BSW and MSW programs with. I did my MSW part-time so I was with two other cohorts. To meet three groups of social workers as they were graduating and going out into the community has meant that I have connections. Because I stayed in London, and many people have, I have connections in so many different areas of the city and it’s phenomenal.

What advice would you give to current students at King’s?

I think it’s really, really important to build relationships while you’re in school within the Social Work community. As big as London is, and even going outside of this community, Social Work is fairly small even though it’s a broad profession. It means that Social Workers doing what you do can often be small. To have those connections to be able to reach out to people involved in the same things as you is key.

How did King’s help you make a difference?

The size of the school has allowed me to make connections to professors, to administrators, to people who are further in their profession and have further connections and who are involved in politics, who are more involved in what’s going on in the city. I’ve been able to bridge into some of that as I’ve moved forward. King’s provided me with current knowledge with current understanding of the programs, organizations, service gaps and things that are going on in the context of city. As a private practitioner who does individual counselling, it’s good to be aware of those things and to be able to refer people or reach out and touch base with someone in my network and try to find the best that I can get for somebody – the network is incredibly important and allows me to do my job effectively.