This program is designed for students currently enrolled at the University. The Certificate in Critical Security Studies is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical tools to analyze social issues associated with mass development of new security projects, including those related to immigration and borders, digital privacy, surveillance, risk, health and population security, terrorism, the environment, nationalism, the economy, and others. All degree courses may be credited toward other undergraduate programs. Any undergraduate student may apply for admission, subject to prerequisites and general admission requirements. 

Program Requirements

Enrolment in third or fourth year of an Honours Program, or a minimum modular average of 70% in a Major module. This is a limited enrollment program and possession of the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.


5.0 credit courses

  • 2.0 courses from: Sociology 3342F/G or Political Science 3342F/G; Sociology 3387F/G or Political Science 3387F/G; Sociology 4480E or Political Science 4480E.
  • 1.0 course from: Disability Studies 2214A/B ,English 2071F/G, English 2073F/G, History 2133, Philosophy 2268F/G, Psychology 2031A/B, Social Justice and Peace Studies 2302A/B, Social Justice and Peace Studies 3361F/G, Social Justice and Peace Studies 3367F/G, Social Justice and Peace Studies 3360F/G or Religious Studies 3360F/G.
  • 2.0 courses from: Sociology 2200E, Sociology 2239, Sociology 3318F/G, Sociology 3337F/G, Sociology 3349F/G, Sociology 3354F/G, Sociology 3355F/G, Sociology 3363F/G, Sociology 3371F/G, Political Science 3301F/G, Political Science 3361F/G or Sociology 3351F/G , Political Science 4407F/G, Political Science 4432F/G, Political Science 4450E