The SJPS programme is uniquely student-powered and student-oriented.  Since its creation through student involvement, the programme has developed even further through the passion of its students and alumni whether it be through the creation of experiential learning opportunities or forging partnerships with local community groups.  There are many ways you can become involved with the social justice community on campus. 

Social Justice Club:

Open to all members of King’s University College, the Social Justice Club draws inspiration from the idea of community through action and passion.
The Mission of the Social Justice Club is to:
     - Ignite passion in others to learn about social justice issues and to challenge mainstream thinking;
     - Encourage positive social change through action and education;
     - Celebrate diversity and community;
     - Empower all
The club holds regular events throughout the year as well as special events. 

Student Representative:

Each year students elect a member of the program to represent students’ voices at faculty meetings and help in decision making processes done by the faculty.  Elections take place in the spring.  Our student rep can be contacted at:

Ad hoc committee positions:

In order to incorporate student voices into the program positions have been made available for students and alumni on the Ad Hoc subcommittee on Experiential Learning. These positions, along with potentially newly created positions are open to all interested students. 

The Bridge:

The Bridge is a journal run by students interested in discussing social justice issues on campus, in the London community, and more.  Students interested in contributing to the Bridge should contact the SJPS club at:

Development and Peace
Centre for Social Concern

To learn more about social justice work you can do in the local London community visit the (volunteering) section!