Dr. Joseph Turnbull

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Office: W233
Phone: x.4474
E-mail: jturnbu7@uwo.ca

Research Interests:

Quantum many-body theory, Computational methods, Theoretical nanotechnology, Data analytics, Energy science

  • Honors B.Sc - UWO
  • B.Ed. - UWO
  • Ph.D. - University of Alberta
Courses Taught:
  • Math 0110A - introduction to calculus
  • Math 1229A  - methods of matrix algebra
  • Math 1225B - methods of calculus
  • Calculus 1000A/B - calculus I
  • Calculus 1301B - calculus II

My professional focus is on undergraduate mathematics education, especially calculus.  I actively experiment with approaches for promoting student engagement and collaborative learning. My goal is student success, and I appreciate the challenge that mathematics represents for many students, as I struggled with math throughout high school until a series of 'eureka' moments took hold during my first year of university.  I am also involved in some work on mathematics diagnostic testing, to help first-year students make a smoother transition into their math courses, help with course selection, and ultimately help students reach their goals.  

My research areas are at the intersection between applied mathematics, theoretical physics, and computation.  I previously worked researcher in the United States on problems in solar energy, molecular electronics, and the refinement of computational methods for nanotechnology calculations using supercomputers.  My doctoral work was on the topic of predicting the behaviour of quantum many-body systems, utilizing advanced techniques in mathematics and computation to gain some insight about the fabric of reality.  I have also worked on image and pattern recognition, data compression, and other projects.  Today, I find my interests increasingly shifting toward data analytics and using computational approaches for modelling and prediction outside of science contexts, including mathematics education research.