Are you interested in using the knowledge and skills that you have learned in psychology to make a difference in the community?

Want to gain real-world experience?

If so, join us in PSYCH 4694E!

Collaborative Research In Psychological Science

Limited spaces are still available for students in Year 3 or 4 of an honors program in psychology (honors specialization and honors double major).

In PSYCH 4694, you will develop research-based solutions to real-world problems faced by community partners. The course allows you to select and focus on an issue that you really care about! Many students have chosen to continue their projects after the course has ended in paid positions, graduate work, and volunteer capacities.

Student projects from previous years have been implemented in the King's community and across the province. Here are just a few examples:

  • The King's Academic Mentoring Program (KAMP) is a student-led program that pairs incoming King’s students with senior student mentors. KAMP is entering its fifth year!
  • PEARS (Psychological Education, Awareness, and Reduction of Stigma) is an education program that increases awareness about mental health and reduces the stigma associated with mental illness. PEARS was awarded the Canadian Mental Health Association Champion of Mental Health Award in 2015. The PEARS education program continues to be implemented in schools/universities, camps, community groups, and corporate settings. PEARS recently joined with Connect for Mental Health to provide training. 
  • Call Me Empowered is a workbook for survivors of domestic abuse. Call Me Empowered was awarded the Dean’s Award at the Undergraduate Student Research Showcase at Brescia University College.

In addition to working with a team to develop a real-world solution, you will learn to communicate science to non-scientists and gain other marketable skills in Psychology. 

What do students working under the mentorship of Dr. Marcie Penner have to say about the course? 

“Collaborative Research was one of the most rewarding experiences of my university career. So much of what we do in an undergraduate degree does not go towards creating useful programs, yet many of us chose to study psychology in order to help others. This course is your opportunity to accomplish this goal while also learning how to focus your research efforts, disseminate information and implement project plans.”

“Most university classes are heavily theoretical. Psych 4694 was an opportunity for me to work with a group of people to apply psych theories to community problems to try to contribute to solving them.”

If you are interested in joining us in PSYCH 4694, there are only a few spots remaining in the course!

Please contact Prof. Marcie Penner ( with any questions.

Hope to see you in class!