Dr. James Kow

Associate Professor

Office: LH209

Phone: 4429

E-mail: jkow@uwo.ca

Research Interests:

Philosophy as a way of living. Ethics, History of Philosophy.

It would be nice to have at least one original thought by engaging in the broad sweep of human experience. I believe this might happen soon relatively speaking, or maybe it is simply a mental itch I suffer from.


BA - Philosophy/Minor in Buddhism at St. Michael’s College. University of Toronto
MA  - Philosophy - Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. (Thesis:  Hobbes’s Moral Philosophy)
PhD  - Philosophy - University of Toronto (Thesis: Hegel -  Political Philosophy and Religion)

Courses Taught:
  • Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Anthropology—Phenomenology: Nagel and Sokolowski.

Previously Taught:
  • Bioethics, Business Ethics, Epistemology, Ethics, Advanced Ethics, Political Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Kant’s “Three Critiques,” Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit,” Sartre’s “Being and Nothingness,” Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Existentialism, Plato’s Later Dialogues, Leo Strauss’s “ Natural Right and History,”  Aquinas’ Metaphysics.

    Women’s Studies (University of Toronto): Philosophy of Human Sexuality.

    Catholic Studies Courses (U of Toronto):

    1. Human Nature and Contemporary Catholicism.

    2. Church and Society/Political Theory.

Selected Publications:

“The Recovery and Discovery of Being, Person and Things” in  Person, Being, and History. Essays in Honour of Kenneth L. Schmitz.  Eds M. Baur and Robert E. Woods. Washington D.C.: The Catholic University Press of America, 2011. pp.***/TBA. (March/2011)

Aquinas on the  Transcendental of Truth : A Reply to Heidegger” in Philosophy, Tradition, and Culture Vol 3, 2003, pp.109-129

“What It is Appropriate to Say About the Person in the Eucharist” in Annual Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 2001. Vol   pp.301-311.

“Geist:Hegel’s Systemic Principle of Interiority” in  Philosophy and Theology  Vo. 7.3 (1993, Spring)  pp.249-287.

“The Christian Distinction: The Others and Post-Modernism”in  Communio  Vol. 20 (Winter, 1993),  pp.603-615

Also Publications in International Philosophical Quarterly, Various American Catholic Philosophical Association Proceedings, and Bioethics.