At King’s, mathematics and statistics are housed within the Department of Economics, Business and Mathematics. The Economics, Business, and Mathematics department is the largest at King’s, and its growing popularity is due to the unique and collaborative structure adopted by the department. Mathematics and statistics is an important part of that success, as an understanding of university mathematics and statistics is increasingly required for many careers in the modern economy.

Many students choose to explore mathematics beyond the level of first year university level. While King’s does not have any programs in mathematics, we are part of the larger Western University community, and as such, our students have access to the resources, courses and programs of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Applied Mathematics, and the Department of Statistics on Western’s main campus. 

General Note

For students considering graduate school and careers in Economics or Finance, additional course work in mathematics is highly recommended.  Therefore if you are considering a Major in Economics or Finance or an Honours Specialization in Economics you should strongly consider taking CALC1000a/B and 1301A/B. These courses are pre-requisites for more advanced mathematics courses (like CALC 2302A/B and 2303A/B). These courses are also recommended for any student who enjoys mathematics and sees the value of studying mathematics at the University level.

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