History 1601E

In this course, we study the history of three East Asian countries, China, Korea, and Japan.

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History 1820F

Taught by our award-winning faculty, The History of Sport will introduce you to humanity’s longstanding practice of competitive games and teach you important university skills such as critical reading and essay writing.

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History 3809F
This is a different kind of history course.

It empowers students to understand the roots of current events, while applying historical methods, ethical reasoning and effective advocacy to address real-world humanitarian policy challenges.

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History 3894E

What are human rights? Where do they come from? Who has fought for them? Are they truly universal?

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History 4502F

Investigate the lived experiences of enslaved people in Africa and the Iberian Empires and their influence throughout the Atlantic World.

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History 4896G
This course includes an exciting opportunity for experiential learning!

Do you want to learn more about hate speech in Canada? About how hate movements have impacted Canadians, and how hate speech has historically been defined, resisted, and prohibited by law? What about debates over how hate speech laws conflict with free speech?

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To provide qualified students enrolled in an Honors Specialization or Major in History at King’s University College with practical opportunities for experiential learning and mentorship in a professional field of interest. 

Students will be mentored by a professional in area which they are considering a career, while applying and refining their skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, research, analysis and writing.  Depending on the duration of the mentorship period or the nature of the work involved, students will receive a half-credit towards the completion of their History degree.

In addition to the mentorship opportunities offered directly by the Department of History, students are encouraged to identify other mentorship opportunities (paid or unpaid) of interest or relevance to their career plans. 

NOTE: The Department of History will assess these mentorship proposals in order to determine whether they are eligible to be counted for credit towards the completion of degree requirements.     

Mentoring Opportunity



  • To provide senior History students (in Year 3 or 4 of their respective program) with demonstrated academic achievement and an expressed interest in the study and practice of the law to be mentored by an experienced lawyer.  The student will be assigned a research assignment relevant to the practice of the law. 
  • The student’s time and work will be monitored by a faculty mentor and a lawyer mentor, the two of whom will consult periodically to monitor the student’s progress and identify any areas of concern.
  • The student understands that this is an unpaid mentorship opportunity.  Should a student wish to complete the mentorship within the academic framework of the new History 3901F/G, Workplace Learning, the student will receive academic credit towards completion of her or his degree requirements.
  • The duration of the mentorship will be equivalent to 26 contact hours, commensurate with 0.5 course. 
  • Interested students will be required to apply formally and to provide documentation to demonstrate academic achievement and a genuine interest in legal studies and legal practice.  This will include:
    • Academic transcripts certifying that the student(s) is enrolled in Year 3 or 4 the Honors Specialization in History or History Major;
    • Student will have achieved a minimum average of 80% in her/his previous 5 full-courses;
    • Three references : 2 academic references and one character reference;
    • One-page statement of interest explaining why the student is interested in a law career and how the study of history will prepare her or him for the study and practice of law.
    • A writing sample of the student’s best graded work in a senior-level course (2200-level or above).
  • The qualified candidate(s) will be selected by a committee comprised of the Chair, Department of History (or designate), the faculty mentor and the lawyer mentor. 
  • The student understands that the University’s Code of Student Conduct and all the usual rules regulating a student’s academic work at the University will apply for the duration of the mentorship.
  • In the unlikely event that difficulties or a discrepancy of aims should arise, the law firm retains the right to terminate the mentorship at its discretion, with due notification to the student and the Department of History.

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