Dr. Valerie Zawilski

Dr. Valerie Zawilski

Dr. Valerie Zawilski

Associate Professor

Office: FB207
Phone: 4557
Email: vzawilsk@uwo.ca


  • PhD - University of Toronto
  • MA - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (UofT)
  • BPHe, Bed - University of Toronto


  • SOC 2206B Research Methods in Sociology 
  • SOC 2239 (570) Social Inequality
  • SOC 2240E (572) Social Theory
  • SOC 3325 (570) Global Health and Social Justice
  • SOC 3338E (570) Globalization and Social Change
  • SOC 3363G Sociology of Terrorism
  • SOC 4430G (570) Advanced Sociology of Education
  • SJPS 2277B Introduction to Peace Studies 


Social Inequality, Social Movements, Social Justice in Post-Conflict Societies, Global Health and Human Trafficking.

Selected Publications

2016 (ed) Inequality in Canada: A Reader on the Intersections of Gender, Race and Class, Third Edition,  Toronto, Canada: Oxford University Press.

2015  Special Edition of the Journal:  Societies (Guest Editor)  (peer reviewed), “Social Inequality and the Global Slave Trade” Open Access, ISSN 2075-4698, http://www.mdpi.com/journal/societies/special_issues/social-inequality\

2014 “The Political Geography of  War in the New World Order” in  Anna Moraczewska and Wojciech Janicki (eds.),  Border Conflicts in the Contemporary World, Lublin, Poland, Mare Curie-Sklodowska University Press.

2011 “Who’s In and Who’s Out? Reconstructing the Russian National Identity During the Great Decade:  1991-2001”,  Warsaw East European Review, Vol 1.

2010 (ed) Inequality in Canada: A Reader on the Intersections of Gender, Race and Class, Second Edition, Toronto, Canada: Oxford University Press.

2010  “ Opposing Militarism: Soldiers' Mothers in Russia” in Betty Reardon and Asha Hans (eds. ) The Gender Imperative: Human Security vs State Security,   New York: Routledge.

2009 ‘Policing the World’: The Globalization and Cosmopolitanization of Military Operations In the New World Order, in Marek Rutkowski (ed.)  The Russian Federation and the New Europe, Bialystok, Poland: Bialystok University Press.

2007 “Public Perceptions of Police Misconduct and Discrimination: Examining the Impact of Media Consumption”  with Ken Dowler in Journal of Criminal Justice, New York, 35 (1) 193-203.

2006 “Saving Russia’s Sons: The Soldiers’ Mothers and the Russian-Chechen Wars” in Stephen L. Weber and Jennifer G. Mathers (eds.) Military and Society in Post-Soviet Russia, Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press.

2005 (ed) Inequality in Canada: A Reader on the Intersections of Gender, Race and Class, (Second Editor Cynthia Levine Rasky), First Edition, Toronto, Canada: Oxford University Press.

2003 "Women in Conflict Zones: Discourse and Dilemmas of  Women in Sri Lanka and the Former Yugoslavia", Analysis of Current Events, New York, New York, USA, Harriman Institute Press.

1999 "Women in Conflict Zones", Peace Magazine, Toronto, Canada,  Canadian Disarmament Information Services Press, (February/March).

1998 "Reconstructing Images of  the Other(s) in Post-Soviet Russia", [in Russian] in Nikita Pokrovsky (ed.), Disintegration and Integration: Russia and the West, Moscow, Russia, Moscow State Institute of International Affairs Press.

1997, "Saving Russia: The Development of Nationalist Thought Among the Russian Intelligentsia 1965-1995"  [in Russian] in  Alexander Stedenikin (ed.) Studies on The Russian Intelligentsia, Moscow, Russia, Russian Foundation of Research Press.