Dr. Tara Bruno

Dr. Tara Bruno

Dr. Tara Bruno

Program Coordinator/Associate Professor

Office: FB214
Phone: 4510
Email: tfidler3@uwo.ca


  • PhD - Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies and Sociology at the University of Toronto
  • MA - University of Toronto
  • BA - King's University College at the University of Western Ontario


  • SOC1020: Introduction to Sociology (present)
  • SOC2266a/b: Introduction to Criminology (past)
  • SOC2267a/b: Youth in Conflict with the Law (present
  • SOC2222a/b (formerly SOC3313F/G): Drugs in Society (present)
  • CSI3391a/b: Special Topic: Deviance, Addiction and Youth (past)
  • CSI2294a/b: Special Topic: Youth on the Street (past)
  • CSI2295a/b: Special Topic: Youth Drug Use (past)


Addictions and Mental Health, Criminology, Homelessness, Youth and Families, Research Methods.

Selected Publications


Bruno, Tara L. and Csiernik, Rick. (2018). The Drug Paradox: An Introduction to the Sociology of Psychoactive Substances in Canada. Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars.


Bruno, Tara. and Csiernik, Rick. (2018). An Examination of Universal Drug Education Programming in Ontario, Canada’s Elementary School System. International Journal of Mental Health and Addictions. Online First.

Cooke, Steve, Shank, Danielle, Bruno, Tara, Turner, Nigel and Mann, Robert. (2017). Self-reported Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Cannabis Among Ontario Students: Associations with Graduated Licensing, Risk Taking and Substance Abuse. Traffic Injury Prevention 18 (5): 449-455.

Bruno (Fidler), Tara L., Butters, Jennifer E., Erickson, Patricia G., and Wekerle, Christine. (2012). Missed Conceptions: A gendered extension of early conception among street youth. Deviant Behavior, 33 (7): 550-565.

Frederick, Tyler, Ross, Lori E., Bruno (Fidler), Tara L., and Erickson, Patricia G. (2011). Exploring gender and sexual minority status among street involved youth.  Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, 6 (2): 166-183.

Erickson, Patricia, Butters, Jennifer, and Bruno (Fidler), Tara. (2009). Victimization and predatory violence among street youth in Toronto, Canada. International Annals of Criminology 47(1/2): 81-100.

King, Katharine E., Ross, Lori E., Bruno (Fidler), Tara L. and Erickson, Patricia G. (2009). Identity work among street-involved young mothers. Journal of Youth Studies 12 (2): 139-149.


Bruno, Tara L. (Forthcoming 2020). Health, Illness and Disability in Canada. In Sarah Knudson and Denise Hahn’s (Eds.) Committing Sociology. Toronto: Pearson Education.

Bruno, Tara L. (2019). Lives lost, voices unheard: Examining the importance of youth-led research amidst one community’s adult-centred responses to youth suicides. In Sam Frankel and Sally McNamee’s (Eds.) Growing Up in Europe and North America: Contextualizing Childhood. Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

Stewart, C., Rowe, W. & Bruno, T. (2017). The treatment of adolescent substance abuse.  In R. Csiernik & W.S. Rowe (Eds.) Responding to the Oppression of Addiction: Canadian Social Work Perspectives.  3rd Edition.  Toronto, ON:  Canadian Scholars’ Press.