Dr. Renfang Tian

Dr. Renfang Tian

Dr. Renfang Tian

Assistant Professor

Email: rtian2@uwo.ca


  • Ph.D. University of Waterloo
  • M.A. University of Waterloo
  • B.A. King's University College at Western University
  • B.A. Dongbei University of Finance and Economics


  • Econometrics
  • Mathematical Economics


  • Functional data analysis
  • Econometric theory
  • Applied econometrics


  • Historical-time functional linear model and its inference with cross-sectional dependence
  • A functional data approach for continuous-time analysis subject to modeling discrepancy under infill asymptotics (with Tao Chen and Yixuan Li)
  • A generalized functional dynamic factor model (with Tao Chen and Jiawen Xu)
  • On ICU decision support systems (with Felipe Rodrigues, Camila de Souza, Wenqing He, Chengqian Xian, and others)
  • A martingale transformation approach of specification test under weak IV (with Tao Chen and Gautam Tripathi)
  • Deep neural network empowered two-stage regression with a non-linear first stage (with Tao Chen and Wenzuo Xu)
  • Machine learning empowered sensitivity analysis (with Tao Chen and Wenzuo Xu)
  • Functional regression: An application to housing valuation (with Tao Chen and John Harding)

Selected Publications

  • Guo, Z., Tian, R., Xu, W., Yip, D., Radyk, M., Santos, F.B., Yip, A., Chen, T. and Tang, X.S. (2022). Highly accurate heart failure classification using carbon nanotube thin film biosensors and machine learning assisted data analysis. Biosensors and Bioelectronics: X, 100187.
  • Chen, T., Liu, H., Tian, R., Gan, R., Xu, W., Zhang, T., & Wang, J. (2022). Artificial intelligence-assisted niacin skin flush screening in early psychosis identification and prediction. General Psychiatry, 35(2).
  • Chen, T., DeJuan, J., & Tian, R. (2018). Distributions of GDP across versions of the Penn World Tables: A functional data analysis approach. Economics Letters, 170, 179-184.