Dr. Peter Ibbott

Dr. Peter Ibbott

(on sabbatical)

Dr. Peter Ibbott

Associate Professor

Phone: 4378
Email: pibbott@uwo.ca


  • Ph.D. Economics, University of Toronto
  • B.A. Economics, Queen's University


  • Public Economics
  • Micro Economics
  • Game Theory
  • Principals of Economics


  • Public Economics
  • Living Standards
  • Demography
  • Migration

Selected Publications

  • (2006) “Korean Migration to North America: Some Prices That Matter” in Canadian Studies in Population (with J.D. Han).
  • (2006) “Parallel trade in drugs: How will it affect prices and pricing systems in Canada and the United States?” in American Journal of Law and Medicine (With Aidan Hollis)
  • (2006) “Probing the Future of Mandatory Retirement in Canada”, Canadian Journal on Aging, vol. 26(2), (with Don Kerr and Roderic Beaujot)
  • (2006) “LICO’s” in Encyclopedia of World Poverty, edited by Mehmet Odekon, Sage Publications
  • (2005) “Economic Impacts of International Migration between Canada and Korea” in Korean Review of Canadian Studies, vol. 11: 47-77 (With J.D. Han).