Dr. Madeline Burghardt

Dr. Madeline Burghardt

Dr. Madeline Burghardt


Email: mburgha2@uwo.ca


  • PhD, Critical Disability Studies, York University
  • MSc., University of Guelph
  • BSc. (O.T.) University of Toronto


  • 2290A/B: Locked up: Institutionalization over Time.
  • 2295A/B: Disability Studies Approaches to Research Methods
  • 2291A/B: Preparing and Presenting Conference Papers and Posters (online)
  • 3312G 570: Theory
  • 3311G 570: Policy 
  • 3339G 650: Disability Cross-Culturally (online)


Governmentality and geopolitics of impairment and disability; histories of institutionalization; systemic oppression and marginality; phenomenological experiences of impairment; distributive justice; bioethical considerations of impairment and disability.

Selected Publications

Broken: Institutions, families, and the construction of intellectual disability. Book (forthcoming). McGill-Queen’s University Press, Fall 2018.

Institutional survivorship: Abandonment and the “machinery of the establishment”. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 6(3), 118-148. http://cjds.uwaterloo.ca/index.php/cjds/article/view/368/611.

Containment, conformity: Families, institutions, and the limits of imaginationCanadian Journal of Disability Studies. 5(1), 42-72.

Brokenness/ transformation: Reflections on academic critiques of L’Arche. Disability Studies Quarterly 36(1), http://dsq-sds.org/article/view/3734.

“He was a secret”: Family narratives and the institutionalization of people with intellectual disabilities. Disability & Society 30(7), 1071-1086.