Dr. Liam Kennedy

Dr. Liam Kennedy

Dr. Liam Kennedy

Assistant Professor

Office: W250
Phone: 4574
Email: lkenne56@uwo.ca

Broadly, my research investigates and challenges social inequalities in the criminal justice system and sporting world. I seek to document how the ways we think, talk about, and practice crime, deviance, and punishment create anxiety, responsibilize individuals, and exclude large portions of the social body.


  • Ph.D. in Sociology – University of Toronto (2015)
  • M.A. in Criminology – University of Toronto (2009)
  • B.A. with Honours in Criminology – York University (2008)


  • SOC2256 (Sociology of Corrections) 
  • SOC2266 (Introduction to Criminology) 
  • SOC3379 (Crime, Punishment, and Pop Culture) 
  • SOC4409 (Seminar in Criminological Theory and Research)


Sociology of Punishment; Media Representations of Crime and Deviance; Criminological Theory; Sociology of Sport; Critical Sports Criminology

Selected Publications

Kennedy, Liam. “Whenever There’s Trouble, Just Yelp for Help”: Crime, Conservation, and Corporatization in Paw Patrol. In Press at Crime, Media, Culture. 

Kennedy, Liam and Derek Silva (equal co-authorship). ‘Knuckle-Dragging Thugs’: Civilizing Processes and the Biosocial Revolution in the National Hockey League. Crime, Media, Culture. Available online: https://doi.org/10.1177/1741659019883773

Kennedy, Liam and Madelaine Coelho (equal co-authorship). ‘Absolutely the Worst Drug I’ve Ever Seen’: Risk, Governance, and the Construction of the Illicit Fentanyl ‘Crisis’. Theoretical Criminology. Available online: https://doi.org/10.1177/1362480619841907

Kennedy, Liam, Derek Silva, William Cipolli III, and Madelaine Coelho. 2019. ‘We Are All Broncos’: Hockey, Tragedy, and the Formation of Canadian Identity. Sociology of Sport Journal 36(3): 189-202.

Kennedy, Liam. 2018. ‘Man I’m All Torn Up Inside’: Analyzing Audience Responses to Making a Murderer. Crime, Media, Culture 14(3): 391-408.

Gartner, Rosemary and Liam Kennedy. 2018. War and Postwar Violence. Crime and Justice 47(1): 1-67.

Kennedy, Liam and Jenna Valleriani (equal co-authorship). 2017. ‘Everybody Loves a Redemption Story Around Election Time’: Rob Ford and Media Construction of Substance Misuse and Recovery. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 59(4): 461-497.

Kennedy, Liam. 2017. ‘Today They Kill With The Chair Instead Of The Tree’: Remembering and Forgetting Slavery at a Plantation Prison. Theoretical Criminology 21(2): 133-150.

Kennedy, Liam. 2016. ‘He Must Learn What Being A Man Is All About’: Negotiating the Male Code at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Deviant Behavior 37(2): 151-166.

Kennedy, Liam. 2013. ‘Longtermer Blues’: Penal Politics, Reform, and Carceral Experiences at Angola. Punishment & Society 15(3): 304-322.

Kruttschnitt, Candace, Anja Dirkzwager, and Liam Kennedy. 2013. Strangers in a Strange Land: Recounting the Experiences of a Racialized Group of Foreign National Inmates. British Journal of Sociology 64(3): 478-500.

Richardson, Chris and Liam Kennedy. 2012. “Gang” as Empty Signifier in Contemporary Canadian Newspapers. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice 54(4): 443-479.