Dr. Jonathan Geen

Dr. Jonathan Geen

Dr. Jonathan Geen

Associate Professor

Phone: 4546
Email: jgeen@uwo.ca


  • B.Sc. Physics and Neuroscience at the University of Toronto (Trinity College)
  • M.Sc. Cell Biology at the University of Toronto   
  • M.A. Religious Studies-Hinduism at McMaster University
  • Ph.D. Religious Studies - Hinduism and Jainism at McMaster University


  • RS 1023E
  • RS 2203G
  • RS 2283F
  • RS 2284G


Hindu and Jaina Mythology; South Asian Religious Traditions; World  Religions

Thus far, my research has primarily involved an evaluation of the mutual influence between the Hindu and Jaina traditions as they have evolved together in India over the past 2500 years, and particularly the ways in which this mutual influence has manifested in their respective mythological texts (i.e. their Epics and Puranas).  In some respects, these mythological texts record, often in veiled terms, an ongoing conversation and/or debate between Hindus and Jainas, and thus, neither Hindu nor Jaina mythology can be properly understood in isolation from the other.  In an effort to better understand this mutual influence, I have engaged in several studies of literary characters shared by the Hindus and Jainas, including the Pandavas, Draupadi, Krsna and Narada.

Selected Publications

(2011) “Fair Trade and Reversal of Fortune: Krsna and Mahavira in the Hindu and Jaina Traditions.”  Journal of the American Academy of Religion (In Press).

(2009) “Krsna and his rivals in the Hindu and Jaina traditions.” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 72(1): 63-99.       

(2008) “The Rescue of Draupadi.” South Asian Studies 24: 49-66.

(2007) “Knowledge of Brahman as a solution to fear in the Satapatha Brahmana-Brhadaranyaka Upanisad.” Journal of Indian Philosophy 35: 33-102.