Dr. Erika Katzman

Dr. Erika Katzman

Dr. Erika Katzman

Assistant Professor

Office: SA061
Phone: 4508
Email: ekatzma2@uwo.ca


  • PhD Health Professional Education (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences) (SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship) - Western University
  • MSc Occupational Therapy - Western University
  • BA (Hons) Latin American Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Sexual Diversity Studies - University of Toronto
  • Certificate in University Teaching and Learning - Western University 


  • DS 2201 Rethinking Disability
  • DS 3311 Changing Contexts and Practices
  • DS 3321 Disability and the Applied Health Fields
  • DS 2224 DS Approaches to Research Methods


My research and teaching are informed by critical feminist and critical disability studies perspectives. My research interests include:

  • The work people do to organize and manage support services.
  • The material and working conditions of people who do support work.
  • Support worker education. 
  • Invisible, hidden and relational forms of work. 
  • Expanding conceptions of accessibility.  
  • Critical qualitative research methodology.
  • Applications for disability studies perspectives in health professional education and practice.
  • Critical and anti-oppressive pedagogical approaches. 

Selected Publications

Katzman, E. (In press). Nothing about ‘us’ without whom? (Re)cognizing alliance between disabled people and care workers in direct-funded attendant services. Alliances, Allies & Disability, Research in Social Sciences and Disability (Volume 12).

Katzman, E, Kinsella, E. A., & Polzer, J. (In press). 'Everything is Down to the Minute': Clock Time, Crip Time and the Relational Work of Self-Managing Attendant Services. Disability & Society, 35(4), pp. 517-541.

Katzman, E. (2019). Working Against the Clock: Efficiency, Time and Ethics in Occupational Therapy Practice. Occupational Therapy Now, 21(2), pp. 13-14.

Katzman, E. & LeBlanc, S. (2019). Considering Epistemic Justice in the Quest for Client-Centred Practice. Occupational Therapy Now, 21(2), pp. 9-10.

Katzman, E. & Kinsella, E. A. (2018). ‘It’s Like Having Another Job’: The Invisible Work of Self-Managing Attendant Services. Disability & Society, 33(9), pp. 1436-1459.

 Katzman, E. (2016). Self-Management and the Government of Disability: Reinforcing Normalcy through the Construction of Able-Disabled Subjectivities. In J. Polzer & E. Power (Eds.) Neoliberal Governance and Health: Duties, Risks and Vulnerabilities. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, pp. 307-329.

 Katzman, E. (2015). Embodied Reflexivity: Knowledge and the Body in Professional Practice. In B. Green & N. Hopwood (Eds.) The Body in Professional Practice, Learning and Education. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 157-172. 

Katzman, E. Unpublished Dissertation. The Work of Self-Managing Attendant Services: A Reflexive Ethnographic Study. https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/etd/5853/