Dr. Don Kerr

Dr. Don Kerr

Dr. Don Kerr

Full Professor

Office: LH208
Phone: 4438
Email: dkerr@uwo.ca
Website: https://dkerr.kingsfaculty.ca/

Don Kerr is a demographer who teaches at Kings University College at Western University. From 1992 - 2000 he worked in Demography Division at Statistics Canada.   His past research has focused on social demography, population estimates and projections, environmental demography, and the socioeconomic and political consequences of demographic change in Canada. 


B.A., M.A. Sociology (Concordia University)
PhD. Social Demography (Western University)


Canadian Demography

Selected Publications

Forthcoming.  Joseph Michalski and Don Kerr.  Separation and Divorce: Examining the Fragmentation and Renewal of Families.  In P. Albanese (ed.).  Canadian Families Today: New Perspectives.  Toronto: Oxford University Press. 

2021. Don Kerr and Komin Qiyomiddin. Employment in Ontario’s Industrial Heartland: Evidence of Economic Decline in a Mid-Sized Industrial City. Canadian Journal of Regional Science 44(1):5-12.
2019, Don Kerr, Tracy Smith-Carrier and Juyan Wang. From Temporary Financial Assistance to Longer Term Income Support: Probing the Growth in Ontario’s Disability Support Program (ODSP). Canadian Review of Social Policy 79: 11-31.
2018. Don Kerr. "Population Growth, Canada's Energy Transition and Climate: A High Risk Future". in Special Issue: Canada in 2067: a Nation's Trajectory, Canadian Issues 15(1): 65-69. 
2018, Don Kerr "Energy, Resource Consumption and Climate Change". Canadian Studies in Population 45:43-54. 
2018.  Don Kerr and Joseph Michalski. "Family poverty in Canada: correlates, coping strategies and consequences." Pp. 201-224 in Patrizia Albanese and David Cheal (eds.) Canadian Families Today: New Perspectives.  4th Edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press.
2017. Don Kerr, Tracy Smith-Carrier and Juyan Wang, Population Aging and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 6 (4):33-55.
2016. Don Kerr and Roderic Beaujot.  Population Change in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press.