(Poverty Research Centre at King's)

In December 2013 the London Community Foundation awarded an Insight Grant to a group of community leaders interested in establishing a Centre for the study of poverty in London Ontario. Funding was enhanced by generous grants from the Sisters of St. Joseph and the London Bank and on December 12, 2014 the Centre found a permanent home at King’s University College.


The mission of the LPRC is to assemble research on poverty in London, Ontario and to inform governments and the public about its findings to improve the local policy and program response.

  1. To gather research, data and information about poverty as it is experienced in London Ontario.
  2. To conduct analysis and produce related documentation in support of efforts to eradicate poverty in London
  3. To seek out and disseminate practical solutions or evidence based best practices in response to poverty and its impact on the community.
  4. To engage the public in discussions about poverty in London and advocate for progressive change.

For further information please visit the Centre’s Web Site: www.povertyresearch.ca

Sisters of St Joseph

Community Foundation