When The Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning was renamed on May 1, 2010 a new logo was needed to recognize and celebrate our new identity and mission.

We were pleased to have received a number of high quality submissions from artists all over the province, however, the winning design (pictured above) was the work of a King’s University College student, Paul Di Libero.

Di Libero designed the logo to emphasize the interfaith dialogue and interaction that the Centre seeks to    encourage, promote and provide to the larger community.  In the explanation submitted with his design, Di Libero writes:

“Each of the three Abrahamic religious traditions are represented by both a letter and a corresponding symbol.  I chose to intertwine the symbols and the letters in such a way that conveyed the  common historical origins and shared belief of the three religious groups.”

The Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning is proud of its new logo and is grateful to Mr. Di Libero for his thoughtful design.