1. King’s students will notify the King’s MOS Internship Coordinator, when a job offer has been  accepted, and provide a copy of the Internship Contract for the student’s academic file. This will also be needed for the Internship to show on the student’s academic record.
  2. Students will also complete a form with their contact information during their Internship.
  3. During the Internship Placement, the MOS Internship Coordinator, will be in touch with the students and the students’ Internship Supervisor(s), at approximately the three month mark, in February for details on the Intent to Register deadlines for the student’s return to school for the 4th year of studies, and again, at the end of the placement for the final evaluation.

    Students are invited to contact the MOS Internship Coordinator at any time during the Internship Placement, should they have any questions or concerns.

    Termination Options
    • A 3-month probationary period is provided for the benefit of the employer and student.
    • If a student successfully completes the 3-month probationary period, it is understood that employment will continue to the completion of the Internship period.
    • The Employer is requested to do a formal written evaluation at this time and to complete either the Employer’s Evaluation of Internship Employee form or an appropriate internal evaluation form and forward it to King’s MOS Internship Coordinator.
    • If the Employer wishes to terminate a student, it is requested that the Employer contact Colleen Sutherland, The Student Success Centre, csutherl@uwo.ca  as soon as possible, prior to carrying out termination.
  4. Upon completion of the Internship, students will prepare a 1500 word report on the Internship Experience, submit it to the King’s MOS Coordinator, and arrange for a meeting to discuss the experience.
  5. In addition, students will be requested to speak briefly to 3rd year MOS classes about the Internship experience early in the fall of their return.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Lydia Li, King’s MOS Internship Coordinator
King’s University College at The University of Western Ontario
Academic Dean’s Office, DL 109
London, ON   N5A 2M3

Telephone: (519) 433-3491 ext. 4447
Fax: (519) 963-1263
Email: lli252@uwo.ca