A report/complaint may be made immediately or whenever the survivor wishes to do so. In the case of a sexual assault, certain physical evidence may be collected only up to 72 hours after the assault. If a survivor is not sure whether they wish to make a report, King’s strongly encourages the survivor to seek health care immediately at the Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre, located at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario. The Centre is able to provide the survivor with the option of collecting forensic (physical) evidence, which may be used at a later date, or not at all.

Anyone who has experienced Sexual Violence and would like to file a formal report can receive assistance from the following resources:

Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator
Western Wellness Education Centre
519 661-2111

Western Campus Community Police
Available 24/7) Lawson Hall, Room 1257
On campus: call 911 (emergency)
Off campus/cell: call 519-661-3300
519-661-2111 x83300 (non-emergency)

London Police Service
(Available 24/7)
601 Dundas Street
London, Ontario
Police Reporting Centre: 519-661-2664​

Campus Police are required to report instances of sexual assault to the London Police Service, if the survivor decides they want to pursue a criminal option. This means Campus Police will need to share the name of the person making the report and a brief synopsis of the report. Campus Police does not report instances if a survivor decides to pursue non-criminal on-campus options or if they want to have an informational meeting with Campus Police to discuss reporting options.

Survivors of or witnesses to sexual violence may also decide to make a report to the Sexual Violence Prevention Officer while choosing not to file a formal Complaint. The Sexual Violence Prevention Officer will used for aggregate data reporting and may be used by the survivor to initiate a formal Complaint at a later date.

The Sexual Violence Prevention Officer will maintain the confidentiality of the Report unless he or she perceives that there is an imminent risk of harm to the survivor or others or where there are recurring confidential reports of sexual violence involving the same alleged individual or where disclosure of the incident is required by law.  In those instances the Sexual Violence Prevention Officer will notify the Principal (or designate) immediately.  Such report may trigger an investigation initiated by King’s.  Under those circumstances the Survivor has the right not to participate in any investigation that may occur.

Survivors or witnesses to sexual violence may also decide to make a report to the Dean of Students [if by or about a student] the Director of Human Resources or to a Budget Unit head [if by or about an employee or other member of the University community].