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By Aaron Brown and Rykker Nyberg, Interns, Communications & Media Relations 

On January 20, 2016 students and faculty in the Political Science and Social Justice and Peace Studies departments got together for their first taste of Ethiopian cuisine. Less than a month away from their experiential learning journey, the students gathered at TG’s Addis Ababa restaurant on Dundas Street in London to share a group meal.

Participating in a traditional Ethiopian dinner, students and faculty shared multiple platters of food including beef, chicken and lentils using pieces of spongy injera. The students learned the ins and outs of Ethiopian dinner etiquette. It was an advance taste of what they can expect on their trip to the actual Addis Ababa.

Led by Dr. Thomas Tieku and Dr. Erin Hannah from the Department of Political Science at King’s, the 20 students will embark on their trip on February 11th when they fly to Addis Ababa. Their itinerary includes visits at the African Union Commission, the Human Rights Museum and Mount Entoto, to name a few destinations. Also travelling with the group are two communications interns at King’s from Fanshawe College. The interns will be sharing the trip through social media and making a video. You can follow along via Facebook.com/KingsEthiopia and Twitter.com/KingsEthiopia.

This is the third time that Dr. Tieku has taken King’s students in political science and social justice & peace studies programs to Ethiopia. King’s partially supports experiential learning trips when they are tied to course credits.