August 31, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

There have been changes to the way Full-Time OSAP funding is released. Students will no longer have to line up to pick-up their OSAP loan certificates each term. OSAP has developed an electronic process for the release of all funds.

King’s Student Financial Services Staff will electronically Confirm your Enrollment to OSAP. This will then authorize the release of your first installment of OSAP funds. If you have given the Ministry permission to pay tuition and compulsory fees on your behalf, King’s will direct the assignable OSAP to your outstanding tuition and/or residence fees.  Any additional OSAP funding not assigned will be deposited into your bank account.

It is important to know that the Ministry has not granted King’s permission to assign fees from your Ontario Tuition Grant.  If you are eligible for this grant, you will receive this amount directly into your bank account.  If you have outstanding fees, then you may be required to make a payment back to King’s once you receive the Ontario Tuition Grant.  We will send you an email (to your Western email account) if this is required.

If the total funding that you receive from OSAP and/or the Ontario Tuition Grant is not enough to cover your tuition and/or residence fees, you will receive an email to your Western email address with details of the balance.  This outstanding balance is due by September 14th, 2012. Failure to pay your outstanding balance by this date will result in late payment fees being assessed to your account.

If you are expecting OSAP funds to be deposited into your bank account and do not receive the funds by September 24th, 2012, please come to Student Financial Services at King’s with your SIN card and valid government issued photo I.D. and we will investigate.

Should you have any questions please contact Student Financial Services at . However, please be aware that it may take five business days to receive a response.